School spirit is a fun thing to get behind, and whether it’s for celebrating the local high school or favorite college teams, school colors are quickly recognized and very popular. Since there is a never-ending number of things teens need money for, and many of our readers enjoy crafting, we thought we’d share a few ideas for craft projects that teens cam make themselves out of inexpensive materials that feature team colors and could be easily sold to raise funds for trips and charitable causes.

Yarn-wrapped Bottles

Any good-sized bottle will work for this craft, but wine bottles are popular as they make great vases. They are also easy to acquire since even if you aren’t a wine drinker, bars go through them like crazy and are often amenable to saving the empties in one of the original boxes so they are easy to transport.

All you need is an empty bottle, yarn in the desired colors, and a glue and sealer combination like Mod-Podge with a paintbrush to use for applying it. The yarn is wrapped around the bottle in any desired color arrangement, so each bottle can be one-of-a-kind, but all will have the selling point of team colors.

Pacific Coast Weddings published a terrific photo tutorial on her blog at She only used one color, a sedate beige, but teens are creative and once they get the hang of how the process works will have no shortage of patterns to try out. Blocks, narrow stripes and alternating strands can all be incorporated using just a two-color theme.

Garden or Yard Markers

Paint mixing sticks make great garden stakes. Our gardening customers use them to mark what kind of seeds are planted in each row or section of the garden. They can be as simple as plain

wooden paint sticks labelled with a plant species in permanent marker and stuck in the ground, but why not take the creative route?

This concept can easily be adapted to team colors in several ways. One way would be to get paint in each of the two team colors and dip half the sticks in the darker color and half in the lighter color. An alternating row of these colorful sticks will have the appearance of a mini picket fence and show your spirit in a fun way.

To make the sticks even more decorative, use the second paint color to add patterns and the team name. More artistic crafters may even want to paint an image of the team mascot. The kids could sell bundles of them as garden markers by painting a patch of the lighter color near the top as a place to write the plant names.

There are many other paint-stick crafts that can be made using the team-colored sticks. Garden markers are the simplest, but any project that uses wood paint sticks or even the smaller wooden craft sticks can be done in team colors.

Order your high-quality paint mixing sticks or craft sticks today and get started on your own team spirit adventures. Let us know how it goes!