Henry’s Best 21″ Inch 5 Gallon Paint Stirring Sticks American Basswood

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Henry Bukke's Best Paint Stir Sticks Bulk 21 inch Wood Paddles


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21″ x 1-3/4″ wide (Boomer)

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  • MADE IN USA; This is no Mamby Pamby Wimpy Stick of Pine -unlike some of the others; Made of Basswood, Nominal 21″ inch x 1-1/2″ wide by 1/4″ thick; If you want a Booming, Able-Bodied Stir Stick, this is the one for you.
  • NOT JUST SUITABLE -these are the best in their class -cleaner with minimal wood dust, burrs and fuzz; Well worth the extra 2 cents per stick; Sawn, Sanded, Heat Treated while music plays
  • 250 BULK 5 GAL PAINT STICKS for the toughest jobs; mix thick substances like epoxy and driveway blacktop sealer
  • 1000 USES- as wood craft sticks with consistent quality, thickness and coloring -for STEM projects; as fan handles; teaching aids; wedding favors; shims; auctions; gardening; odd things that we are keen on hearing about -please let us know what you do with them
  • 250 WOODEN PAINT STIR Sticks, aka paint paddle; mixers; mixing stick; at a great price; Stock up now -it’s better to be looking at them than looking for them when you need them (Confucius) >> Order Now
  • Our goal is to cultivate satisfied happy customers and to be as transparent as possible about the scope of our service and the capability of our staff. We don’t want to be just another ‘run of the mill’ paint stick company. Should any questions or concerns arise about your purchase, we are easily found. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Basswood paint sticks make any project a breeze. This is no Mamby Pamby Wimpy Stick -unlike some of the others. Nominal 1-1/2″ wide by 1/4″ thick. If you want a Booming, Able-Bodied Stick, this is the one for you.


Stirrer for paint, stain, epoxy, resin, gelcoat, latex, auto body fillers, liquid urethane plastic, silicone mold rubber, and other substances with ease. Unlike other less sturdy stir sticks, you won’t need to use two at a time to avoid breakage.

COMFORTABLE FIT AND FINISH – Nicely shaped handle for easy gripping, mix without concern of splinters thanks to our sanded finish! CLEAN -No wood dust, burrs or fuzz -well worth the extra few cents per stick.

CONSISTENT SIZE AND COLOR – No better 21 inch craft sticks – uniform in size and quality. Our wooden stir sticks are manufactured in a mill that has produced them for generations, using high-grade logs from northern states’ forests. Responsible forestry practices are employed to preserve the resource for future generations.

USE FOR CRAFTS, GARDENING, AND MORE!  In addition to stirring coatings and other viscous substances, our customers have used our paint stick as craft sticks for wood crafts, STEM projects, wedding fans, bidding signs, garden markers, target shooting, and library shelf markers. They are biodegradable, compostable.

GUARANTEE – We don’t want to be just another ‘run of the mill’ wood sticks company.  There is no fine print to our “Satisfaction Guarantee.”  Order yours today.