Wow, we have some really creative customers! We got so excited by the ideas our readers have shared with us that we wanted to find out what else folks are doing with paint stirrer sticks, so we did some poking around on the internet and found these amazing projects that other creatives have posted. We hope some of you will be inspired by them and send us pictures of your results using Henry’s Best stir sticks or our 8-inch wooden craft sticks.



Decorative Tabletop



Do you love the look of patterned wood surfaces, but not the price of expensive hardwoods to work with? Karianne at Thistlewood Farms made a gorgeous tabletop out of paint sticks, stained it to look like much more expensive wood, and even wrote a tutorial to make it easy for you to try it yourself. The project requires a miter box and saw, but the rest of the materials are fairly common. The step-by-step instructions teach you how to do the herringbone pattern she used, which you’ll be able to apply to other projects once you learn it.



Wall Art



The wood paint sticks used by Ashley in Naptime DIY’s wall art are more the size of our eight-inch craft sticks than the larger paint stir sticks we also sell, but the same process could be used with either, and the curved shapes of the smaller sticks could add an interesting dynamic to the art.


The tools and materials needed are very basic. A saw might be needed for thicker wood, whereas tin snips work on the thinner craft sticks There are many different examples of similar wood art online, and the possible combinations of colors are literally unlimited.



Sunburst Mirror



There are many different versions of the trendy sunburst mirror, but Kate, the creative over at Centsational Girl has made our favorite because, of course, she made one out of paint sticks! And we love it even more because she shares a photo tutorial so you can make one just like hers. She snagged her paint stirrers a handful at a time from a home improvement store, but we’d love to see this project done in the white birch hardwood that our paint sticks are made from. The smooth finish and consistent shape will go a long way toward giving the finished piece a professional look.


Order your high-quality paint mixing sticks or craft sticks today and get started on your own creative adventures. And let us know how it goes!