FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the stirring paddle made?


Our wooden sticks are manufactured in a mill that has produced them for generations, using high-grade logs from northern states’ forests. Responsible forestry practices are employed to preserve the resource for future generations.

What are some other uses for the paint sticks?


In addition to painting and staining, our customers have used our sticks for children’s crafts, wedding fans, garden markers, target shooting, library shelf markers, and art projects. They are BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE.

Are they really worth the money?


Order yours today. There is no fine print to our “Satisfaction Guarantee.” If our sticks don’t serve your needs or meet your standards in any way, just contact us and we’ll immediately replace them or refund your money. It’s simple. That might be why so many people have left such glowing feedback on Amazon. We want happy customers! If you have a concern, please contact us!