About Us

Our aim in publishing this website was to provide something useful to others.

The lowly paint stick is certainly nothing special -a giveaway in many places.

Even so, there are many who still buy them in bulk.

When I found, quite by accident, the mill that has been cranking them out for all these years I thought I’d help support the mill, the people who work there and their families.  There aren’t many mills or factories left around Maine compared to what it was like before all the companies moved their operations to China, and other places like Mexico.

It’s a simple thing, really.  I can buy the sticks at a reasonable price and in turn offer them up to people of like mind, who like the idea of keeping our American families off of food stamps.


The Trifecta

The Mill and its workers win, the buyer (of the quality product) wins and I win too, as I chip away at my college debt.

I’ll thank you in advance for your purchase. 

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Please don’t be shy about letting others know about our paint sticks.

The simple, lowly, unappreciated wood paint stick.  

Who would have thought I’d ever be writing about paint sticks?

In a million years -not I.


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