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Not all Wooden Paint Sticks are Created Equal

If you do much painting, or wood craft projects, you already know this.

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I am Henrietta Bukke Nielsen.

Henry's Best

I was named after my great-grandfather, Henry Bukke (pronounced Book-ie) who immigrated from Denmark to Schenectady, NY where, for a few decades he ran a painting business out of his home.

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Who Would have Thought I’d End Up in this Business??

We never know what twists and turns life has in store for us and I was as surprised (at first) as anyone when I ended up working for a painter when I got out of college.

Yes, I was among those young people today that have a mountain of college debt and are under-employed.

Having earned a degree in psychology, I quickly learned that the degree and $1.89 will buy a small cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

I was under-employed working for the painter. But no longer. I decided that I should be doing business on my own. It seemed only natural and fitting that I take my great-grandfather’s business model, good name and reputation and breathe some new life into it. And, that’s what I did. I now am the proud proprietor of:  Henry Bukke Painting – Wallpapering and Decorating

Most of the people he did business with have passed on, as he did (before I was born), but I like the feel of doing business as Henry Bukke Painting & Decorating.

In my Grandfather’s attic space, I found what was left of Henry’s tools and equipment and among the stuff was a handful of wood paint sticks (stirrers) and they looked much better than the ones I had been getting (that I think come from China now). I was able to find the original supplier -they are still in business up in Maine and that’s all I use now.
Paint Sticks

A Mountain of College Debt Leads a Girl to be Resourceful

In an effort to help pay off my college debt, I’m selling the sticks to people who can appreciate the look and feel of an old-time stick, as simple as they are.

They are still made of white birch and manufactured in the same veneer plant that was around when Henry was getting them back in the 1930s.  The mill is one of the few left in this country that still produces paint sticks.

I thank you in advance for your purchase -which supports American workers (#1) and -(#2) helps me pay off my college debt, which in retrospect, I shouldn’t have gotten into. I’m grateful for the opportunity to carry on Henry’s business, to help support my family and keep a few others employed, as well.

Since we’ve been selling the wood paint sticks on the retail market, we have discovered there are a lot of people who use them for wood craft projects.  These paint sticks excel for craft projects. 

See what we have to offer:  HERE

Thanks again for visiting.  I hope to be able to serve you in the near future.